HERO 2021: KinderEngel RheinMain e.V.

On 15 June, the members of HERO 2021, KinderEngel RheinMain e.V. were guests at the TEC Center in Kelkheim, the headquarters of the foundation. The association supports families with seriously or life-shortened children and young people and gives them a ray of hope in everyday life

Our donation of 7000€ will support a new and special project. It is about grief counselling for children in combination with horse therapy. Bereavement counsellor Lisa Criseo-Brack thinks it is "a very interesting approach", as the horses support the children in all areas and they can process the grief better that way.

Like the years before, the HERO Day was a great success, TOOLS FOR LIFE and the KinderEngel association were able to exchange ideas after the event and both parties are looking forward to a great cooperation.


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