HERO Award

Our HEROs throughout the years

The HERO Award ("Award for Heroes")

The HERO Award ("Award for Heroes") of the TOOLS FOR LIFE Foundation, first presented in 2014, honors people and organizations that stand up for people and against grievances in everyday life. Employees of the ROTHENBERGER group are invited to nominate their heroes for the award.

The HERO Award is presented annually in December. The Rothenberger family, as the board of directors of the foundation, selects the "HERO" from all submissions. The donations from the Christmas campaign " Donate instead of Giving" are entirely donated to the award winner.

HERO 2021: KinderEngel RheinMain e.V.

On 15 June, the members of HERO 2021, KinderEngel RheinMain e.V. were guests at the TEC Center in Kelkheim, the headquarters of the foundation. The association supports families with seriously or life-shortened children and young people and gives them a ray of hope in everyday life.


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HERO 2020: Anyievo Ekpui - Togo e.V.

On 16 June, the members of HERO 2020, Anyievo-Ekpui/Togo e. V. visited the TEC Center in Kelkheim, the foundation’s headquarters. At the end of the event, the HERO Award and the cheque with the prize money of 7,000 were ceremonially presented.

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HERO 2019: Miteinander leben in Kelkheim e.V.

The HERO Day was a great success! 34 members of our HERO Miteinander leben in Kelkheim were guests at the TEC Center in Kelkheim, the foundation's headquarters, on June 25.

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HERO 2017: Jagori Rural Charitable Trust

Our HERO 2017 is the Indian women’s rights organisation Jagori Rural Charitable Trust, which works towards a more just society.

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HERO 2016: Project „Halt – Hart am Limit“

Every year, the foundation TOOLS FOR LIFE recognizes people who demonstrate social commitment in their spare time.

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HERO 2015: Malsfelder Werkstätten

Congratulations! Our HERO of 2015 has been awarded to the Malsfelder Werkstätten by the Baunatal Diakonie Kassel e.V. (bdks), which has been working for ROTHENBERGER for more than 15 years.

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HERO 2014: Pater Antonios from Ark of the world

The die is cast: Father Antonios from Athens, Greece, and his initiative "Ark of the world" were chosen to be the HERO 2014 for this year's christmas campaign "Donation instead of gifts".

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