A light in the dark - Burning Hearts

The Burning Hearts are here! With the handy solar lamps with integrated powerbank you have a reliable light source for on the road at hand. The LED light shines for more than 50 hours on highest and up to 300 hours on lowest brightness level. You can charge the Burning Heart with the charger or with the integrated solar panel on the back; even on cloudy days!

With the SOS function you can draw attention to yourself in the dark. Whether to take your dog for a walk, cycling or taking a stroll. With the lanyard, the Burning Heart lies at chest height and you have your hands free for other things.

The integrated powerbank helps to keep your cell phone, smartphone or other electronic device with lithium battery ready for use. Because nothing is more annoying than a cell phone without energy when there is no power outlet on site. So you can easily stay in touch on hikes, in the car, at festivals and concerts or when travelling. The Powerbank has enough capacity to charge an Smartphone (2,000 mAh) twice.

Give joy with the heartwarming design of Burning Heart! You can easily order your Burning Heart at www.toolexpress.de. The operator of the platform www.toolexpress.de, 2L GmbH, supports the TOOLS FOR LIFE foundation by handling the shipping and covering the costs.


What happens with the proceeds from the sale of the Burning Hearts?

The proceeds of the Burning Hearts are donated 100% to the non-profit organization BILD hilft e.V. "Ein Herz f├╝r Kinder". There the proceeds will be used for the good cause in the area of "school and education".

The campaign will run until the end of January 2021 and follow-up activities will be announced in due time.

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