Donation for Ukraine Aid

TOOLS FOR LIFE continues to be active in Ukraine aid and has donated 2000€ to the non-profit association "Gemeinsam für die Ukraine e.V".

The association has already been able to do a lot for the people in Ukraine, but also for those who are in Germany. They offer 7 different courses, such as dance aerobics, yoga, painting courses, stretching, Latin American dances, coaching sessions and psychological self-help groups in which about 150 women regularly participate.

Our donation covered the cost of the painting course for another month, where around 50 people participate. The artists, who find themselves in incredibly difficult situations, see their eyes shine again and draw hope for the future.

Mrs. Rubin, chairperson of the association, said "the courses are more than just courses - they are the door to a new life".

For this reason, we are even more pleased that we were able to help and make so many people happy with our donation.

Many thanks also to Together for Ukraine for the great work!

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