Family Business Network is contributing to education in India

The Family Business Network (FBN), a network of family organizations, handed the TOOLS FOR LIFE Foundation a donation of 1,000€. The donation is dedicated to the Indian women’s rights organization Jagori Rural Charitable Trust and will be used for training to take place in November 2019. The handover of the donation took place as part of the family organisations day that took place in September 2019 in der ROTHENBERGER headquarters in Kelkheim. The Jagori Rural Charitable Trust, from the northern province of Himachal Pradesh, has been promoting women’s rights since its formation 2002. Its aim is an equal role for women in Indian society. The money will be used to fund training, in which young women will be taught women’s handicraft skills. They will be trained in basic techniques such as metal cutting, hammering, filing and soldering. This will enable them to carry out minor repairs themselves. In addition, they will be taught the basics of electrical technology. This knowledge will give the women greater independence and higher self-esteem, as they can even contribute to the family income with the skills acquired. Such training has already been taking place annually since 2015 with a continually growing number of participants. The TOOLS FOR LIFE Foundation gratefully thanks the participants of the family organizations day and the Family Business Network for the support of this society-transforming project.

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