Good news from Pallo: The new deep well is already operating!

The deep well project in Pallo, Senegal, is one of the biggest water projects supported by TOOLS FOR LIFE to date. It was started mid 2014 and it is making real big and fast progress. In January a delegation from our project partner “Help for Africa – water for Senegal e.V.” visited Pallo and reported, that the new deep well is already in operation. The residents from the surrounding villages get their water from the well and supply their districts.

The drill hole for Pallo had to be 310 meters deep, but all went well and the Chinese drilling firm did a solid and correct job. Also the old and broken diesel aggregate was repaired and is now the interim power supply to pump the water.

With the new deep well the first central milestone was achieved – and it’s essential that the next steps will follow as fast as this. The water is very rare in the area and the people living in Pallo are in real need. The next raining period is not to be expected before June/July. So in the coming months our partners on site hurry to continue with the construction of the new water tower and the pump house and start to lay the new pipes to the surrounding villages.

The official inauguration of the new well and the water tower is planned for April 2015. So we will keep you posted on this project. More on Pallo can be found here.

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