Help Day 2024 - together for a good cause!

On 8 June 2024, the TOOLS FOR LIFE Foundation joined forces with Rothenberger Holding and Rothenberger Real Estate to support the Ada Kantine in Frankfurt am Main. The Ada Kantine is a solidarity organisation in Frankfurt Bockenheim that offers a free lunch every Friday to Monday. This valuable initiative is run by around 200 volunteers, various organisations and donations.

We had the opportunity to spend a day on site and get actively involved. Our Help Day 2024 was a complete success and an inspiring example of community involvement.

Help Day is a central part of our mission to improve the quality of life in various communities. By working together with various initiatives, we were able to realise important projects and make a significant contribution. From renovating community spaces to supporting local initiatives, every action counted and made the day an unforgettable experience.

A big thank you to everyone who made this day possible. Without your active support and dedication, this success would not have been possible. You have proven that we can achieve great things together.

Help Day stands for more than just a day of helping. It symbolises the power of community and the importance of social commitment. By working together for a good cause, we create lasting change and strengthen the sense of togetherness in our communities.

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