Ehepaar Frau Prümen-Mündelein und Herr Mündelein

The current award winners Regine Prümen-Mündelein and Josef Mündelein from Arnsberg have been volunteering in Uganda for 15 years. Through donations and regular packages to the aid projects with school materials, children's shoes and medical supplies, they do valuable work. Especially during the Corona crisis, they intensified their activities to help the local people. And the couple's social commitment is still manifold today. "Among other things, we have equipped several educational institutions in Uganda with wells for clean drinking water and new buildings," explained Regine Prümen-Mündelein, gratefully accepting the award together with her husband. "It's great to see another project accomplished and that the aid does so much good." And Josef Mündelein added: "For us it is the most beautiful gift how lovingly the people in Uganda meet us."


With the 5,000 euros in prize money from the HERO Award, the educator couple will be able to equip the first buildings of the Kasana St. Jude Primary School in Luweero/Uganda with rain gutters, downpipes and storage tanks as part of the rainwater harvesting system project, as well as start a new project locally.


Dr. Sandra Rothenberger, Managing Director of the TOOLS FOR LIFE Foundation, also found clear words of thanks for their commitment: "The future is in the hands of our children. With both of your commitment, we have made a difference in the lives of many children in the world.

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