United against COVID-19

The African continent must not be forgotten in the ongoing struggle against the coronavirus. In Sierra Leone, a country that is one of the poorest 10 countries in the world, people are particularly at risk due to insufficient medical care. The continuing restrictions on public life to contain the virus are putting people's food safety at risk. Most people in Sierra Leone have no financial reserves and are unable to work casual jobs or sell products on the market because of the restrictions.

Our motto: help to connect!

To help these people, PfefferminzGreen e.V. and the TOOLS FOR LIFE Foundation have joined forces to support the Sierra Leonean partner organization AIM (Amazonian Initiative Movement) with the project "LOVE IS COLORBLIND". Do you like our "LOVE IS COLORBLIND" mask? If you do, then support the project either by purchasing masks (8 € per piece) through the TOOLS FOR LIFE Foundation (please send an email to or by making a donation to PfefferminzGreen. All earnings and donations go 100% to the project with the aim of educating the population in Sierra Leone about the virus and providing them with the most necessities. With the reference "LOVE IS COLORBLIND" your donation is allocated directly to the project.

The aim of this project is to help the people in Sierra Leone! To this end, AIM distributes food packages, self-made makeshift masks and disinfectants to the neediest people and carries out prevention work to educate about the virus and its spread.

Thank you very much for your support and stay safe!


Read more about the impact of COVID-19 on food security in Africa here.

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