Project closure in the village of Ndogbele, Cameroon

By building a solar-powered well in the village of Ndogbele, TOOLS FOR LIFE has raised awareness of sanitary facilities, hygiene and the correct use of water. This ensures a sustainable supply of clean drinking water for the villagers. The project helps to raise awareness among the local population and has a positive impact on education, health and living standards.

The project was implemented by Bunong e.V. and the Cameroonian association Bunong Cameroun. Parallel to the installation, training and education programs were carried out to provide the community members with the knowledge and skills they need to maintain and service the solar well. This ensures efficient and long-term use of the well. The objectives of the project, such as the construction of the well with a solar-powered pump, the establishment of a management committee and a team trained to maintain the borehole, and the permanent supply of clean drinking water, have been achieved.

The construction of the borehole is a great and real relief for the women, children and the entire local population, especially in the middle of the great dry season, when the search for water becomes a challenge due to the irregular water supply or even the complete absence of water. The official handover of the structure will take place on 17.12.2023.

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