ROTHENBERGER employee supports women project in India.

Ingried Gerber, our technical trainer at ROTHENBERER, arrived in India to visit and support the project Jagorirameen of Abha Bhaiya. Ingried met Abha last summer at ROTHENBERGER, where Abha held a lecture about her initiative to strengthen women’s rights and their role in India. Ingried will spend her personal annual leave in the northern part of India to teach the local women basic manual skills through workshops. The training plan includes basic metal work, which is helpful for the daily self-help around the house or on the farm or even to generate an additional income. The ideas and the expendable materials, such as sheet metal and templates were provided to Ingried by donations from the chamber of commerce and craftsmen. The ROTHENBERGER AG donated the tools she needs on site in India. A packed range filled with soldering and threading sets, as well as hand tools and further quality tools to process metal and pipes, was already sent to India weeks before. Ingried will inform us about her journey and will hopefully bring beautiful pictures as well.

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