TOOLS FOR LIFE Craftsmen's Gala

On October 19, 2023, the ROTHENBERGER TEC Center in Kelkheim became the stage for a very special event: the 1st TOOLS FOR LIFE Craftsmen's Charity Gala took place under the motto "Heroes of Craftsmanship".

The aim of this extraordinary gala was to honor the deserving men and women who often work in obscurity but play an indispensable role in our daily lives. A festive red carpet welcomed guests, including artisans, entrepreneurs and celebrities, and created an atmosphere of warm appreciation. The evening began with a reception, followed by inspiring opening speeches and a festive banquet. To properly honor the skilled trades and send a strong message of appreciation, companies and individuals had the opportunity to participate as sponsors in this momentous event.

Awarding of the "Golden Tongs"

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the awarding of the "Golden Pliers", where three outstanding craftsmen were honored for their exceptional achievements and tireless commitment. Dr. Sandra Rothenberger, Managing Director of the TOOLS FOR LIFE Foundation, explained: "These people invest a lot of time and energy in their work and thus make a significant contribution to the prosperity and quality of life in our society. That's why they should take center stage at this gala." One of the award winners is Lena Hinz, founder of the "Die Handwerkerin" initiative, who was honored in the "Craftswoman of the Year" category. Lee Brown, who was recently active for TOOLS FOR LIFE in Senegal, was celebrated as "Greatest Supporter of the Foundation" and Kristijan Cacic, founder of the #lustaufhandwerk community of craftspeople, in the "Greatest Commitment to Crafts" category. We also had the extraordinary pleasure and honor of welcoming the renowned magician Pit Hartling as a special guest at our gala. With his captivating performances and incredible dexterity, he enchanted the audience and left a lasting impression.

The TOOLS FOR LIFE Craftsmen's Charity Gala thus combined both entertainment and festive elements and also pursued a charitable purpose. The proceeds of this gala will go to charity, which is not only a recognition of the art of craftsmanship, but also a way of giving something back to society. As part of this outstanding gala, we would also like to lay the foundation for our latest project - the TOOLS FOR LIFE Academy. With our academy, we want to give young people a renewed passion for craftsmanship and technical skills. The focus here is on HVAC and energy transition professions.

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