TOOLS FOR LIFE Craftsmen's Gala

On 19th October 2023, Kelkheim will become the stage for a very special event: The 1st TOOLS FOR LIFE Craftsmen's Benefit Gala will take place under the motto "Heroes of the Crafts". The event will be hosted by the TOOLS FOR LIFE Foundation and Sandra Hunke, who, as a model, author and plant mechanic SHK, comes from the skilled trades herself and knows exactly how important this work is for our society.


The aim of the gala is to honour and celebrate the craft heroes and heroines who often work in obscurity and yet play an indispensable role in our daily lives. These people invest a lot of time and energy in their work and thus contribute significantly to the prosperity and quality of life in our society. That is why they are to be the focus of attention at this gala and honoured for their tireless efforts.


But the TOOLS FOR LIFE Craftsmen's Benefit Gala is more than just an honour: an evening full of surprises and special highlights awaits the craftsmen. The red carpet will be rolled out, festive speeches will be held and an impressive stage programme will provide entertainment. The physical well-being will also be well taken care of: an exquisite meal will be served to spoil the guests. And after the gala, the celebration will continue: at the after-party, the craftsmen will be able to round off the evening and talk to other guests and celebrities in a cosy atmosphere.


But the TOOLS FOR LIFE Craftsmen's Benefit Gala has more than just an entertaining and social aspect: the proceeds of the gala go to a charitable cause. In this way, the work of the artisan heroes and heroines is not only appreciated, but something is also given back.


Companies and individuals have the opportunity to actively participate in the Craftsmen's Gala as a sponsor and thus send a strong signal. Anyone who would like to support the crafts and at the same time send a signal of social commitment can contact Ms Birgit Quiel, who is available as a contact person.


Ms Birgit Quiel
+49 160 96648343


The craftsmen themselves are also cordially invited to attend the gala. Whether alone or with their business - those who decide to register can experience an unforgettable evening and be duly celebrated. Anyone who still has questions or needs further information can contact the organisers at any time


With the TOOLS FOR LIFE Craftsmen's Benefit Gala, craftsmanship is finally being honoured where it belongs: In the spotlight and as an important part of our society.

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