TOOLS FOR LIFE "Sustained by"

TOOLS FOR LIFE has launched a new campaign together with Rothenberger's SAS: "Sustained by" - all about sustainability. In future, products that have been repaired or upgraded will receive a sticker from us and a small amount will be donated to us for climate protection projects.
Through our sticker, the customer can directly recognise that the product he buys is sustainable.
But what exactly is sustainability?
Many people think of sustainability as planting trees, for example. This is true, but there is much more to it! The triangle of sustainability is a model for the further development of a sustainable society, which is based on implementing both ecological and economic, as well as social goals at the same time. If something is sustainable, then it basically has an effect that lasts for a longer period of time. It is durable, environmentally sound, long-lasting and also sensible. If you buy recycled products or B-goods, you avoid having to dispose of items that are as good as new. This saves resources and protects the environment.
Furthermore, this is where the circular economy comes into play. This is a model of production and consumption in which existing materials and products are shared, leased, reused, repaired, refurbished and recycled as long as possible.
Using the 3 basic pillars of sustainability, we come up with the following model:
Ecological:   the product life cycle is extended through repair or remanufacturing.
Economic: An economic profit is made from the sale of the products (products that would probably have simply been disposed of)
Social: A part of the proceeds flows into our foundation's work and we use it to support specific projects for climate protection.

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