Update on Thusanang

Since 2019, TOOLS FOR LIFE has been accompanying the construction of a community center in Venture, South Africa. Unfortunately, our partner organization had to pause the project for 2 years due to the COVID pandemic. However, since November 2022 they are back on site and the building is slowly taking shape. At the start of the continued construction in November 2022, 4 employees of ROTHENBERGER, a company close to the foundation, were also able to help as part of the "Your Commitment" initiative (see article from 12.12.2022).

Here now is another update from the construction site: Progress continues to go well. In the pictures, you can see that one side has already finished bricking and the other half is developing. If the pace continues, construction of the roof for the first building could likely begin in the fall or winter. The Thusanang team plans to be back on site in October. More work clothes will be shipped soon to ensure the team is properly equipped on site.

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