Water supply systems for Kitui County, Kenya

So far, our project partner "Hardcore Help Foundation" and the local partner Fundifix have built two water kiosks in Kitui County in Kenya to ensure a sustainable drinking and service water supply for the approximately 2000 inhabitants. In Kitui County in southeastern Kenya, about 1.14 million people live on 24,385.1 km┬▓. Three quarters of the population depend on small-scale agriculture and livestock farming. Almost 90% of the households there have no direct access to clean water.

There was only one water point within a radius of three kilometers, which was used by up to 1000 people, especially during the dry periods. After three months of using a completed system, the pump, motor and control system must now be replaced to restore functionality due to poor construction quality. Finally, the pumping system must be redesigned to ensure that water reaches all water points in the project.

Fractures and leaks have already been repaired from the borehole to the two kiosks on a pipeline section of more than 2 km, and the water supply at both kiosks has been resumed without losses. The tank at each of the two kiosks was fitted with ball valves and a pressure switch was installed at the borehole to automate the pumps.

Minor repairs were also made to the masonry at each kiosk and a new coat of paint was applied. A chlorinator was also installed at the borehole so that the water is now safer to drink. The device meters all water delivered in the project. A safe level of residual chlorine is maintained at the water intakes and monitored regularly.

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