World CleanUp Day

Did you know? World Clean Up Day is coming up on 16 September 2023 - a global movement where people join forces to rid our environment of litter and waste. Get involved! The TOOLS FOR LIFE Foundation invites you to become part of this initiative and make an active contribution to your city.

Our goal is to make our environment cleaner and more sustainable. On the occasion of World Clean Up Day, we are offering you our special Clean Up Kit. It includes a pair of high-quality gloves, disinfectant and handy bin liners - everything you need to safely and hygienically collect litter while taking an important step towards protecting the environment.

The best part? The Clean Up Kit costs just €5. But that's not all: 50% of the proceeds from sales go directly to our project work. With your support, we make significant environmental protection projects possible and actively work for a more sustainable future.

Your city deserves a clean environment - and you can make a big difference. Every little action counts, and World Clean Up Day is the perfect opportunity to roll up your sleeves and get active with others.

Be part of World Clean Up Day, get involved with us and help preserve our environment for generations to come. Thank you so much for joining us in this important movement.

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