Your Commitment 2023

Once again this year, motivated employees have been found who would like to actively support a charitable project through their work. This year, Szabolcs Laczik from Budapest and Michal Roguszczak from Warsaw traveled to the Mbonea School in Kitunda at the beginning of October to help with the completion of the new sanitary facilities. TOOLS FOR LIFE has been working with PROBONO Schulpartnerschaften f├╝r eine Welt e.V. since spring this year to equip the school with new sanitary facilities. Construction of the building was completed three months ago. In the meantime, the facility has received its new coat of paint and is now officially finished!

During their trip, Michal and Szabolcs not only completed their tasks, but also actively promoted cultural exchange. They visited local markets, tasted traditional dishes and talked to locals to understand the unique way of life of the Tanzanian people. Cultural exchange is of great importance to us as it helps to promote global cohesion. Through "Your Commitment", both our volunteers and the local people have the opportunity to exchange ideas, broaden their perspectives and discover new horizons together.

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