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Construction of the second TOOLS FOR LIFE school - Gouye-Ndiogou, Senegal

After TOOLS FOR LIFE constructed a school for approx. 300 children in 2012, the second school followed in 2013. This includes classrooms for approx. 800 students and has 3 residential flats that are directly joined to the main building. The teachers live on campus, which are then inhabited and are therefore less threatened by vandalism and looting.

To help the region not only with the supply of water, but also to support the regions advancement in education, TOOLS FOR LIFE, together with their partners and the people, have engaged themselves in the building of local schools since 2011.

Education is an extremely important resource in the region – especially for the girls whom in large part remain uneducated. It is not worth it to the parents to invest what little money they have in their female offspring, since these - according to the traditional role of women - are responsible for family and children, as well as field work, supplying water and taking care of the household.

The background to the project

Country Senegal
Human Development Index 166

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