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Immediate help for the flood catastrophe - Bad Dueben, Germany

In the early summer of 2013, Germany fought disastrous floods as did a large portion of central Europe. Villages and cities in Bavaria, Thuringia, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt were flooded, dams broke and many homes were swept away in the mass of water.

In Bad Dueben, Saxony, the mechanical engineering company PROFIROLL, a member of the ROTHENBERGER group, was threatened for days by the flood. But thanks to the tireless effort of the PROFIROLL team, under the leadership of Mr. Ende and Mr. Kohlsmann, the company was spared.

Unfortunately this luck was not shared by many private households. Accordingly, TOOLS FOR LIFE, together with PROFIROLL, AUTANIA and the couple Karl & Hildegard ROTHENBERGER, supported the immediate onsite help with a total of 35,000 EUR. Three of the families which had been severely hit by the floods were able to be helped with money directly and unbureaucratically. Many thanks go to Mr. Ende for his volunteer engagement.

Futhermore, our thanks also go out to AUTANIA and PROFIROLL for their help and support and a special thanks to Karl & Hildegard Rothenberger for their generous immediate donation.

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Country Germany
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