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Operation of 26 children with skull / facial deformation - Denpasar, Bali

The Smile Foundation of Bali (Yayasan Senyum – is a Balinese non-profit organisation that offers medical and surgical help for people with deformations of the skull and face (craniofacial deformities and microsomia). “Senyum” is the Indonesian word for “smile”; “Yayasan” means foundation or institute.

The Smile foundation of Bali enables the surgical correction of the deformation, e.g. cleft lips, cleft palates, or other deformations caused by congenital defects, accidents or tumours. The focus of the organisation is the destitute people from Bali, Lombok and other areas further east, who cannot afford these operations. The Smile Foundation collects the necessary funds and organises the operations in Bali or in Adelaide, Australia. TOOLS FOR LIFE made 10,000 EUR available for the operation of 20 children. For additional operations on 6 children, Karl & Hildegard Rothenberger donated 3,000 EUR. The operations have been carried out in February and March 2014. The attached pdf document tells the story of 10 of the children who will be operated on.

The background to the project

Country Indonesia
Human Development Index 111


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