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Professional training for welders in Zalewa, Malawi

In Zalewa, Malawi, FACE e.V. will offer a workshop to train welders and flash cutters and TOOLS FOR LIFE supports the project with 5,000€.

Current situation

There is a lot of unemployment in Malawi and many young people do not know what to do after school. Therefore, our partner organisation FACE e.V. is planning a welding and tinsmith workshop so that youths and young adults can later become self-employed or enter into employment.

There is a high potential in this occupational field, as the village of Zalewa as well as surrounding areas are to be connected to the water network in the next few years.

Our measures

With our funding, welding equipment and training material will be provided to the youth and young adults. Our partner organisation FACE e.V. supports this through expertise and the provision of a trainer.

Facts and numbers

people helped
Euro Budget

The background to the project

Country Malawi
Human Development Index 174

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Your commitment - Uganda 2017

The project work with TOOLS FOR LIFE has given me the opportunity to help others to help themselves and to noticeably improve their quality of life. Thank you for this unforgettable experience!

Mara Weber

Your commitment - Senegal 2012

My TOOLS FOR LIFE staff trip to Senegal in 2012 was a unique experience. And the fact that I was standing on a meadow where today, after only two years, there is a school for several hundred pupils, which the Foundation helped to finance, is almost unbelievable. Great cause and great projects that make a little bit of a difference in the world.

Olaf Schlotmann

Your commitment - Uganda 2015

It is inspiring with how much commitment and passion the foundation devotes to its projects.

Timm Wagenknecht