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Relief transport for the hospital in Lviv - Ukraine

This relief transport, which was financed through the donations of ROTHENBERGER employees, was carried out together with EurAsia Heart and a large logistic company. Vital medical power supply units, as well as bedding and toys were transported to a hospital in the city of Lviv, Ukraine, located 70 kilometres outside of Tschernobyl, to help improve the situation of the small patients.

In the cardio-surgical centre of this facility, about 500 patients are cared for annually. At the same time, the conditions are unacceptable. Of the 40 existing OP theatres only one is functional. What is tragic is that children and young people with heart conditions are currently not receiving operations with a heart-lung machine because of inadequate equipment. It is often the absence of the simplest resources or the power supply that continually breaks down.

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The background to the project

Country Ukraine
Human Development Index 88

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