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TOOLS FOR LIFE HERO 2015 - Kelkheim, Germany

Last Wednesday was the day: the TOOLS FOR LIFE Foundation honored its HEROs 2015, the Malsfeld Workshops, with a HERO Day at the ROTHENBERGER TEC-Center in Kelkheim. Highlight of the day of honor was the presentation of the prize money in the amount of 15.000 EUR by the chairwoman of the foundation Dr. Sandra Rothenberger to the

Managing director of the workshops Burkhard Finke.

The 19 employees, who work in the Malsfeld branch of Baunatal Diaconia (bdks) for almost 15 years also for Installing ROTHENBERGER products is a matter of Call for tenders for HERO 2015 against 4 other international candidates. With the money they raised, they were able to support their cause, their reliability and commitment, which set an example of excellence and are for everyone - with or without handicap.

The background to the project

The HERO campaign was carried out for the second time in 2015. All employees of ROTHENBERGER AG were called upon to participate in the campaign in their direct professional and private lives. to look around for everyday heroes who achieve great things, who are publicly appreciated should. The aim of the initiative is to honor people who have rendered outstanding services to the well-being of others as everyday heroes or role models.
Country Germany
Human Development Index 4


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