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Chonyonyo Secondary School central water supply - Karagwe, Tanzania

A central water supply was installed for the Chonyonyo Secondary School, a girl’s boarding school that provides access to higher learning for over 1,000 students. Since access to the water source needed to be made available to the residents of the surrounding villages as well, the water supply had to be guaranteed for approx. 3,000 people.

A partial demand of water was covered by rainwater retention which uses the roof surfaces of the various school buildings. For the remaining demand, a well was installed as part of the project which ensures the daily requirement of water is met using solar pumps and purified with its own, onsite water treatment.

The next step was the installation of a distribution system of pumps and pipes which distributed the daily required water to tanks which could then be simply removed at the main road and school Campus.

The background to the project

Country Tanzania
Human Development Index 159

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