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Clean Water for Dacope - Bangladesh

Our partner organisation ASCEND is working together with the Bangladeshi NGO RUPANTAR to establish a sustainable source of drinking water in the Dacope region. TOOLS FOR LIFE is contributing €3,941 to the Project.

Current situation

Dacope is a region located along the river delta which comprises Bangladesh’s coast. The region’s inhabitants obtain their drinking water either from the surrounding rivers or from groundwater wells. Storm surges and floods in the region are intensifying by the year. Consequently, these sources of fresh water are increasingly contaminated by salt water. During the dry season, water salinity can reach levels of up to 8,000 mg/l. Salt content exceeding 250 mg/l is considered unsafe for human consumption. Global warming brought on by climate change means floods and storm surges occur more frequently.

In addition to wells, people in the region also use slow sand filters to obtain clean water. These devices make rainwater potable by filtering it through multiple layers of gravel and sand. Unfortunately, these slow sand filters are generally in poor condition and out of service.

Our measures

Slow sand filters are the most efficient method to make clean water available to people quickly. They are inexpensive to deploy and to maintain. They are also relatively easy to repair.

ASCEND is in the process of building a new slow sand filter in the Dacope upazila administrative region and is repairing two others. One thousand and eighty people will have access to clean, potable water as a result. Members of the local community will receive training in filter maintenance in order to secure the project’s sustainability. A local system of community-based financing is also being developed to cover future maintenance costs. Water management committees are being been set up to finance routine slow sand filter maintenance, thereby ensuring their longevity.

Facts and numbers

Euro Budget

The background to the project

The country of Bangladesh is notably flat. That makes it is particularly susceptible to flooding. Climate change has only increased the frequency of flood events. It is estimated that by 2050, up to 25 million Bangladeshis may be displaced as a consequence of climate change.
Country Bangladesh
Human Development Index 135

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