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Construction of a drinking water well at Ssama Primary School - Ssama, Uganda

Engineers Without Borders - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology e.V., plans to improve the infrastructure of a Ugandan school by building a potable water plant.
The school, called Ssama Primary School, is currently being expanded. At present, buildings for a kindergarten, dormitories, a hospital ward, a new kitchen and latrines are being extended. For about half of the students, the all-day school will also offer overnight accommodation to save them the daily commute to school of up to 7 km. The construction of the infirmary is necessary not only for the school but also for the district to provide basic care.
The existing drinking water supply currently runs through a rainwater tank with a volume of 5,000 litres. However, this is already too small and cannot guarantee an adequate drinking water supply, especially in the dry season. Therefore it is essential to adapt the infrastructure in the form of sufficient drinking water to the size of the school. However, the project partners on site lack the necessary expertise and also the financial means for technical solutions. Thus, the Uganda project group of Engineers Without Borders has been working on the planning and dimensioning of the drinking water plant since May 2013.
The newly designed drinking water plant has a storage volume of 10,000 litres. This means a tripling of the storage capacity. In addition, a circulation filter system ensures that the drinking water quality is maintained over a longer period of time.
The construction work is to be carried out together with the local population in order to transfer knowledge and at the same time to create motivation to maintain and preserve the project in the long term. TOOLS FOR LIFE will take over the funding for the realisation in the amount of 4.785 €.

The background to the project

Ssama is located about 60 km west of the capital Kampala in the Mpigi region. The small village is situated in the countryside near Lake Victoria and can only be reached via clay roads. The area is largely characterized by agriculture. The Ssama Primary School is currently attended by 400 children between the ages of 3 and 17, who receive a basic education there. About 150 children already live in the integrated orphanage. The nearest well is 2 km away from the school, the Ssama Primary School itself does not have its own drinking water source.
Country Uganda
Human Development Index 159

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