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Drinking Water Well for the Dr. Asha-Rose Migiro Girls‘ School - Mwanga, Tanzania

The Dr. Asha-Rose Migiro School is located in the small town of Mwanga in a very dry region in Tanzania’s North-east. In 2009, the public secondary school was founded to enable girls to reach the O-level in four years. An upgrade of the school to A-level is in process of planning. Currently, 320 girls attend Asha-Rose Migiro School. About a third attend the day school, two-thirds the boarding school.

Constant water supply to the school is a problem due to the aridity of the region. During the rainy season from March to May rain water is collected in large water tanks. During the remainder of the year, the school relies on the local water supply which is, however, unreliable und unable to supply enough water. Outside the rainy season, the school often has no water, whether for drinking, cooking, doing laundry, personal hygiene or the vegetable garden which is very important for provision.

Against this background, planning for the construction of a well to supply the school with water all year round commenced in 2016.TOOLS FOR LIFE supports this project, that is planned and carried out by the organization PROBONO School-partnerships for One World e.V. in cooperation with the school, with 2,500 EUR.

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Education opportunities for girls in Tanzania remain poorer than those of boys. Traditionally, girls are extensively made to do work in their families‘ homes and fields, leaving them no time for studying and doing homework. The funding of girls‘ education in Tanzania is therefore of particular importance. For this reason, TOOLS FOR LIFE together with PROBONO supports the maintenance of the Dr. Asha-Rose Migiro School. About 320 girls, mainly from very poor families, currently study here. The charitable organization PROBONO supports partnerships between schools in Germany and schools in Africa. The aim is to improve learning conditions and education opportunities in African schools while at the same time promoting social commitment and global learning in German and African partner schools.
Country Tanzania
Human Development Index 159

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