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Pumping well for the village of Gnante, Togo

In the region around Gante, Togo, more and more arable farmers and cattle breeders have recently settled and live mainly from traditional agriculture and small-scale trade. Due to the tropical climate and a non-existent irrigation system, cultivation of the fields is only possible in the rainy season. The project ensures that people in Gante have access to clean water through the construction of a pumping well. The project is implemented by our partner organisation Ossara e.V.

Current situation

Due to the tropical climate consisting of a rainy season (from April to October) and a dry season (from October to April), cultivation on the fields is only possible during the rainy season, as no irrigation technology is available. In recent years, there has also been an increase in late rains or too little rain, which means poor harvests and suffering for people and animals. Farmers are left to fend for themselves, as there is no social assistance or subsidies for farmers in Togo.

In addition, there is no access to clean drinking water in Kante. The people and the animals are supplied with water by 2 draw wells with a depth of up to 10 metres. However, these dry out quickly after the rainy season, which means a water shortage from December to mid-June. Some animals do not survive these dry phases and die of thirst. Children and women often have to walk 5km with jerrycans and containers on their heads to reach the nearest water source during this time.

Our measures

The project involves the construction of a pumping well for the village of Kante to give the people there access to clean drinking water. This will help to combat water shortages in the long term and reduce the spread of diarrhoea and other serious diseases. This can improve the general health of the people.


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The background to the project

Country Togo
Human Development Index 167

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