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The sun of Icario - Inclusion of people with disabilities

Current situation:

As a foundation, the inclusion of people with disabilities is particularly close to our hearts. We firmly believe that inclusion is the foundation of a fair and diverse society and are therefore proud to be able to support the Icario Winery project and the Center for Disability and Integration (Centro Comunale L'Arca) in Monte San Savino.

For us, the inclusion of people with disabilities means, among other things, the elimination of prejudice and the promotion of diversity. We are convinced that every person is unique and has individual strengths and talents. By creating inclusive structures together, we offer the residents of Centro Comunale L'Arca the opportunity to develop their talents.

Our measures:

For two years, the residents of the Centro Comunale L'Arca in Monte San Savino have been an important part of the Rothenberger family's Icario Winery. The ongoing project aims to include people with disabilities, for which TOOLS FOR LIFE has so far provided €15,000 in support. Right from the start, the residents were involved in the various aspects of the winemaking process to give them an insight into the winemaking trade.

This year, the employees of the winery once again received the support of the group. Together, they planted new vines, labeled and packaged wine bottles and discovered the different aromas and scents of the wines.

In addition, regular meetings were held in the summer under the pavilion near the vineyards. They tasted wine together, worked creatively, painted and even performed a play. The play was finally performed in the theater in Monte San Savino. The L'Arca association also attended a conference entitled "Lavoro a Trazione disabili" on the work of people with disabilities in Torrita di Siena. The value of the project and the results achieved were presented with the help of a film.


Overall, our measures have shown that the inclusion of people with disabilities can definitely succeed. By working together, the residents of the Centro Comunale L'Arca were able to be actively integrated into the wine production process and develop their own talents.

The regular meetings and joint activities not only strengthened the sense of togetherness, but also led to creative results, such as the play that was performed in the theater in Monte San Savino. The project has shown that inclusion not only eliminates prejudices, but also contributes to a more diverse and fairer society.

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